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Download the EyeCura app

Stream and Monitor with the official EyeCura app

EyeCura IP 360° camera with full remote control mobile app

Affordable, fully secure and easy to use.

Start streaming in 3 easy steps

  • 1. Get Eyecura IP Camera

    Buy EyeCura IP 360 Camera here.

    Install IPC app

  • 2. Set up the camera

    Install IPC 360 app on your main device and create an account. Follow the easy Set up camera instructions attached in the camera box.

    Install IPC app

  • 3. Watch from a Mobile

    Once the setup process done. From the IPC 360 app, click on the thumbnail of the camera and watch anytime.

    Install IPC app

  • 4. Add more cameras

    Just login to IPC 360 app. Scan and pair the new camera like in step 2 and ready to go.

    Install IPC app

Where to buy?

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